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Where are the Browns?

For the longest time I felt two styles were missing from tap lists – sours & browns. Well, as we all know, sours are everywhere now but where are the browns? Why is this style overlooked again and again? I’m perplexed as to why folks don’t appreciate this style more. I get so excited when I see a brown ale on a tap list and there are some really good ones out there. Brooklyn Brown and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale helped me fall in love with craft beer. Right now I have Weyerbacher Easton Brown & Down and Cigar City Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale in my beer frig.

Perhaps browns aren’t complex enough for folks but isn’t it nice to sometimes just enjoy straightforward drinking beer with a solid taste? I love the nuttiness to browns, the malt and subtle hops all combine to make a really smooth easy beer. Whenever I see a brown ale on a tap list you can count on this Gal ordering it. I once wished for more sours and my wish came true. Fingers crossed my wish for more browns comes true.

Brewers PLEASE brew some browns.
Drinkers PLEASE give the browns a chance.

Smithville Inn

IMG_2815Recently this Gal took a day off from work to enjoy the day with my wonderful parents.  We decided to spend the day enjoying all that Smithville Village has to offer including lunch at the Smithville Inn.IMG_2816

The Inn itself is beautiful and right away you know you are in for a special treat with good service, excellent food and a cozy historic setting.

I had heard some good things about the beer offerings at the Inn so was excited to see whats what. The tap is small but the bottle list has some wonderful selections: several Chimays, Orval, Dogfish Head, Rogue Maibock & Stout plus 4 different Samuel Smith’s. The bottle beer selection complimented the Old World English feel to the Inn.

Beer List
Beer List

I decided to go for the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. That’s right folks this Gal ordered an IPA and a full pint at that!

90 Minute IPA
90 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA – Dogfish Head 9%
Loved it! I would not have said this a year or two ago. I would have found it too hoppy but not now. Loved the refreshing, full body combo of malt and hops. Plus, my Mom, a non beer drinker, thought it was tasty as well.

The Inn offers a full service bar and on this day my Dad enjoyed his personal favorite Southern Comfort on the rocks.

Veggie Melt
Veggie Melt

To accompany our beverages I chose the Grilled Vegetable Melt which was delicious and chock full of assorted veggies. The 90 Minute complimented the melt perfectly. Mom enjoyed the Asparagus and Crab Quiche with Fresh Fruit and Dad enjoyed the Pork Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries. The presentation was nice and everyone enjoyed their selection.

After lunch we wondered around the Village exploring the many shops and taking in the quaintness of it all. Smithville Inn & Village is a nice way to spend a day strolling back in time.

Village Lake



Kasteel Winter and Bitches Brew

Kasteel WinterKasteel Winter, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, Belgian Strong Dark Ale 11%

A while back it was Ladies Night at Geeky Beer Gal’s house and one of my besties brought this gal a bottle of Kasteel Winter. What a great friend! I’ve always been happy with Kasteel Ales and was looking forward to trying their Winter selection. I was so excited I decided to open it right away and Oh, boy it lived up to my expectations.

Appearance: Dark brown with hews of ruby and a nice tan head.
Aroma: Roasted coffee and spices with a hint of cocoa
Body: Medium body with medium carbonation
Flavor: The taste stands true to the aromas with the added flavor of toffee, soft hops & tobacco and a slightly sour/woody finish.
Overall a very nice winter ale and one I look forward to having again next season.

After enjoying the Kasteel I decided to open a bottle of Bitches Brew.

Miles Daves’ Bitches Brew, Dogfish Head Brewery, Imperial 006Stout 9%

I had this when it first came out several years ago but had been saving this bottle for a while decided to finally pop it open. Ahhh, it was as good as I remember it being.

Appearance: black liquid gold with a nice dark tan head
Aroma: whiskey, floral, vanilla and bitter burnt chocolate
Body: Thick, rich and creamy
Flavor: Rich chicory, hints of dark chocolate and plum with honey accents that slowly immerge throughout the course of drinking this beer; it has a nice bourbon/whiskey finish – A true indulgence!

American Beauty

American Beauty Beer Review
American Beauty

Dogfish Head American Beauty Imperial Pale Ale 9.00%

Dogfish Head started a Music Series of beers a few years ago and I was super excited when the brewery announced the next beer in the series would be a collaboration with the Grateful Dead. For those who don’t know the Grateful Dead is my all-time favorite band! Needless to say I was excited that two of my favorite things, The Dead and Beer, would become one in a beer name after the album American Beauty.

The Music Series beers are limited releases and can be hard to come by. It took me forever to get my hands on a bottle of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. I was able to preorder 1 bottle of American Beauty and an awesome coworker/friend surprised me with a second bottle! I heard only 82 bottles exist of this beer so I feel very fortunate to have 2 of them. I’ve had the bottles sitting securely in my beer closet waiting for just the right time to drink them.

Well, the time had finally come to drink one of them. I had a Beer Group gathering to attend and felt this was the perfect beer to bring, along with a bottle of Ommegang’s Games of Thrones Iron Throne Blond Ale. (Review of the Iron Throne will be posted shortly) Some other members of the Beer Group are also Deadheads and all appreciate a good beer – match made in heaven.

First the Packaging – LOVE IT! Who could resist a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear holding a Beer?! Not this Gal that’s for sure. I’m really glad they bottled it in a 25 oz bottle so I can later make the bottle into a lamp.

Nose – Light citrus tones with a slightly sweet scent

Taste – Dogfish Head recognized just how important Deadheads are to the whole process and asked for their input on what ingredients to use.  The response was overwhelming and they received over 1,500 ingredient suggestions.  Needless to say Dogfish Head nailed it! This beer is a Dead scene brewed in a bottle.

Beings it’s an Imperial Pale Ale and a Dogfish Head one at that, I was expecting an abundance of hops. I was very pleasantly surprised that, that was not the case. For those that know Geeky Beer Gal, I’m not a Hop Head. This beer is mellow and refreshing with undertones of the citrus flavors and sweetness of granola, yes, granola. The hops are ever so subtle with a touch of malt and a clean finish.  None of the flavors or scents were overwhelming but instead very balanced. It’s as if it was brewed with a delicate touch.

A very enjoyable beer to kick back with no matter the season and is truly an American Beauty.

P.S. The other bottle of American Beauty is waiting to be enjoyed some other special evening. I’m thinking maybe a viewing of the Grateful Dead Movie while enjoying a bottle of American Beauty, sounds pretty special to me.