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American Beauty

American Beauty Beer Review
American Beauty

Dogfish Head American Beauty Imperial Pale Ale 9.00%

Dogfish Head started a Music Series of beers a few years ago and I was super excited when the brewery announced the next beer in the series would be a collaboration with the Grateful Dead. For those who don’t know the Grateful Dead is my all-time favorite band! Needless to say I was excited that two of my favorite things, The Dead and Beer, would become one in a beer name after the album American Beauty.

The Music Series beers are limited releases and can be hard to come by. It took me forever to get my hands on a bottle of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. I was able to preorder 1 bottle of American Beauty and an awesome coworker/friend surprised me with a second bottle! I heard only 82 bottles exist of this beer so I feel very fortunate to have 2 of them. I’ve had the bottles sitting securely in my beer closet waiting for just the right time to drink them.

Well, the time had finally come to drink one of them. I had a Beer Group gathering to attend and felt this was the perfect beer to bring, along with a bottle of Ommegang’s Games of Thrones Iron Throne Blond Ale. (Review of the Iron Throne will be posted shortly) Some other members of the Beer Group are also Deadheads and all appreciate a good beer – match made in heaven.

First the Packaging – LOVE IT! Who could resist a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear holding a Beer?! Not this Gal that’s for sure. I’m really glad they bottled it in a 25 oz bottle so I can later make the bottle into a lamp.

Nose – Light citrus tones with a slightly sweet scent

Taste – Dogfish Head recognized just how important Deadheads are to the whole process and asked for their input on what ingredients to use.  The response was overwhelming and they received over 1,500 ingredient suggestions.  Needless to say Dogfish Head nailed it! This beer is a Dead scene brewed in a bottle.

Beings it’s an Imperial Pale Ale and a Dogfish Head one at that, I was expecting an abundance of hops. I was very pleasantly surprised that, that was not the case. For those that know Geeky Beer Gal, I’m not a Hop Head. This beer is mellow and refreshing with undertones of the citrus flavors and sweetness of granola, yes, granola. The hops are ever so subtle with a touch of malt and a clean finish.  None of the flavors or scents were overwhelming but instead very balanced. It’s as if it was brewed with a delicate touch.

A very enjoyable beer to kick back with no matter the season and is truly an American Beauty.

P.S. The other bottle of American Beauty is waiting to be enjoyed some other special evening. I’m thinking maybe a viewing of the Grateful Dead Movie while enjoying a bottle of American Beauty, sounds pretty special to me.