Old Hights Brewing Co.

I squeezed this 2021 Breweries to Visit in the final week of the year. Its been many years since I visited Hightstown, NJ and I forgot just how cute the town is. Old Hights Brewing Company is a nice addition to the town. I’ve heard great things about this brewery since they opened in June of 2020. This Gal is glad she finally made the time to pay them a visit.

The establishment is bigger than I pictured with a long bar and high top tables inside on the main floor with more seating upstairs. You can also sit right up agains the brewing area. The tap wall is pretty impressive and love the tin roof over the area. The brewery has a beer hall charm to it and fun historical black and white photos line the wall. There’s also large outdoor beer garden with a couple of fire pits. The outside area is dog friendly.

As far as food goes you can bring in your own, they sell bags of pretzels and have to go menus available to order in. Also, across from the beer garden there was a food establishment which is super convenient.

On to the beer! They do not offer flights but you can buy several 5 oz pours at once and make up your own flight. I only had a short amount of time so I just enjoyed three 5 oz pours.

FaLaLaLaLa Red IPA 7.5% This was a fun beer with hints of citrus and winter spices.

Triangles Winter Solstice Belgian Saison 7% I just adore farmhouse saisons. This beer was crisp, fresh and hints of spicy fruit.

I used to love sours but truth be told I hesitate to order them any more. With their surge in popularity so came surge poorly brewed sours. However, that was not the case with the Harvest Fizzle.

Harvest Fizzle Seasonal Sour Ale 5.8% I thoroughly enjoyed the combo of cherry, plum and, my fav, pomegranate flavors that complimented each other nicely without being too sweet.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot time and had to make do with the 3 tasters but glad I finally got to try Old Hights Brewing Company.

Old Hights Brewing Co ~ FB ~ IG

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