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Rattle N Hum, NYC


I’ve heard good things about this place and like their slogan “40 beers on tap and none of it crap” so decided to try it out earlier this year. It’s located within walking distance of Madison Square Garden so it’s a perfect place to stop for a pre show/sporting event beer.  The atmosphere is super casual beer bar, nothing fancy, dark and lots of wood. The menu is true bar food.

I decided to go for the taster round so I could try more and since the tastes were only 4oz each I made myself go outside my comfort zone on some of them.

Here we go…
Southern Tier 2 x Stream 8%
Very clean, clear beer with strong citrus flavors and so crisp I believe it snaps when you drink it.

Weihenstephaner Hefe 5.4%
Classic that was just perfect for the warm weather, always refreshing with just a hint of orange. True German wheat beer and I love my German wheat beers. Great summer beer. My none beer loving companion declared this one drinkable!

Peek Skill Simple Sour 4.5%
I’m not a big fan of sours but do enjoy a sip now and again. So went for it and glad I did. Essence of lemon and slight mustiness that comes with a sour beer. Slight malt character as well. It finished light which I appreciated instead leaving my mouth in a puckered state. If you’ve never had a sour I suggest this one as your first.

Boulder Mojo Risin Imperial IPA on Cask 10%
This was very outside the box for me since I’m not an IPA, let alone Imperial IPA, drinker but something about this beer intrigued me so went for it. Glad I tried it and glad it was only 4 oz. Citrusy grapefruit with floral hops and malt undertones. Since it was a cask the carbonation was minimal which helped tone down the hops in some weird way.

O’Hara’s Celtic Stout (Nitro) 4.3%
Ummm, YUM! Pours rich and dark and has a wonderful mocha head. Lots of roasty caramel goodness going on with this beer. Since it’s an Irish stout it’s not heavy and is easily drinkable in warmer weather.

Breckenridge 72 Chocolate Stout 7.2%
Really nice cocoa and caramelized malt flavors with a very creamy texture. Slight coffee undertones but finishes slightly, very slightly sweet and leaves one feeling warm fuzzy as one does when drinking scotch.

Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout 8.5%
Easy to drink, medium body with not a lot of carbonation. Nutty/roasty aroma with a touch of mocha. None of the flavors (chocolate, coffee, nutty) are overwhelming and stand out but all blend together.

Firestone Walker Walkers Reserve Porter 5.8%
Vanilla is what hit me first with a slight taste of smokey hops which caught me off guard but I enjoyed. Also, slight cherry tasty. Almost like a chocolate covered cherry but not sweet. Similar to an oatmeal stout in consistency. Very delicious. (I had a chance to visit Firestone Brewery when I was out in CA visiting the San Luis Obispo wine country. My companion I came across Firestone winery and saw they had also started a small brewery. At the time they only brewed 2 beers and they were only available on tap at 2 or 3 places in Santa Barbara. It’s amazing how they have grown.)

I highly recommending stopping in for a beer or two next time your in the city!

Warlock Review

ST WarlockBottle

Southern Tier Brewing Company Warlock Imperial Stout (8.6%)

I’ve been anxious to try what I had hoped would be a delicious slice of night sky. Every place I checked it was already sold out and in some places a waiting lists were formed; needless to say I was frustrated with my failure to acquire a bottle. Then I had the pleasure of getting together with some wonderful beer friends and one of them had brought a bottle of the Warlock. I was ecstatic when I saw the bottle.

It pours like midnight gold which had my mouth watering. The first thing I smelled was vanilla, more like extract than fresh vanilla. My mouth was watering a bit less at this point but still had high hopes. The first sip I could certainly taste the vanilla and a bit of roasted malts with slight nutmeg and cinnamon flavors.

The beer is promoted as an imperial stout brewed with pumpkins. I didn’t taste any pumpkin. On the second and third sips I just tasted more and more vanilla; to the point it overpowered all other flavors. In the end it was disappointing and left an extract waxy coating in my mouth.

I would like to try a bit of the Warlock mixed with the Choklat and see what how they work together. I think the Choklat would help tone down the vanilla in the Warlock.