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Cherish the Classics

TRT Tap List

This Gal recently found herself at her fav beer store, Trenton Road Take Out, I was there to pick up a few things but decided to treat myself to a small beer. I always find the tap list to have a nice selection but on this particular occasion it was spot on! I was trying to decide between Toppling Goliath Light Speed DDH Pale Ale or Bissel Brothers “Lux” Pale Ale when the helpful young gentleman working the taps recommended a taste of the Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale…ding, ding, ding we had the winner. I’m so glad he recommended it and was kicking myself for glossing right over it on the board. After all, I talk so often about Sierra can be overlooked and yet is so good. Here I was doing it myself…I was distracted by the shiny new beer and looking over the classic.

As I sat back and enjoyed this fab classic it really started to sink in that they were celebrating 40 years…40 years! That 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale transported me back in time to my first sip of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; it was the parking lot of a Grate Dead show. I thought it was so cool I was drinking a beer on the east coast that I never heard of and was from the west coast. The next time I was at a show I found myself searching for that beer from California. It was rare once, stood the test of time and all the various beer trends and is still going strong. Sitting back at Trenton Road Take Out sipping on that Sierra made me appreciate their journey as well as my own.

Thank you to the young gentleman for reminding me to cherish the classics.

Aged Barley Wine Tasting

Mini Barley Wine Tasting 9/27/13

Recently a fellow beer lover stopped by and I thought I treat both of us to a mini Barely Wine tasting. I’ve been aging a few in my beer/wine cellar and chose three for us to taste.

Brooklyn Brewery Monster Ale 2000 10.8%
This particular barley wine aged beautifully. It had mellowed out some but was still full bodied.
The Monster poured nicely and was a nice dark ruby color. It had a hint of sweetness to it similar to cherries and a lovely taste of caramel as well. The flavor lasted well after drinking it.

XS Old Crustacean Rogue Ales 1998 11.5%

Old Crusty has always been one of my favorite barely wines and although this was still very good I fear it may have aged a bit too long. This particular bottle had a stronger bitter after taste than before. Granted this particular barely wine has always had a bit of a bitter after taste but it was more prevalent from aging.  Over all it still tasted delightful with hints of raisin and brown sugar. The hops are prevalent as well. Still one of my favorite Barely Wines to par take in.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale Sierra Nevada Brewing  9.6%

I did not see a date on the bottle but I know this was at least 13 years old. The bitterness is not as strong in this barely wine. There was a full head on this ale that lasts throughout the drinking period.  One can smell the hops right off the bat.  This is a full body ale with toasted malts and a bit of bitterness and a mixture of toffee with hints of fruit.