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Long Valley Pub & Brewery

IMG_1842Long Valley Pub & Brewery – Long Valley, New Jersey

Long Valley Pub& Brewery has been on my list of beer places to visit for a few years. Finally the day arrived for a beautiful fall drive to the brewery. The drive is beautiful and builds the excitement for the final destination. The setting for Long Valley Pub & Brewery is perfect for kicking back with a fine beer and taking in the fall foliage show.

The brewery is very picturesque with outdoor seating/bar area and a rustic ski lodge setting inside. On this particular day the fire place was roaring adding to the overall fall feel. The brewery is 2 stories high with lots of stone and natural wood adding to the overall coziness of the place even though it is actually very large with 2 bars inside and plenty of seating.

IMG_1845My companion and I were seated upstairs and fortunately he had a view of what ever sporting event was on the TV and I had a perfect view of the roaring fire. Win win seating.

Immediately upon being seat I started to peruse the beer menu and, of course, settled on ordering the sample round. With six beers on tap there was no other way to go.

Pan-Seared Scallops
Pan-Seared Scallops

To accompany my beer I ordered the Pan-seared Scallops which were fresh and seared perfectly. I really can’t emphasis enough how good the scallops were. My companion had the French Onion Soup and the Blackened Chicken Alfredo. I’m told the soup had a rich flavor and the Alfredo was delish. High props go out to Miguel G. for excellent service.

Beers Reviewed Left to Right
Beers Reviewed Left to Right

Hookerman’s Light
Delicate  light body beer with fruit accents; a true light beer.

American Pale Ale
Well done, very enjoyable without the knock you off your stool hops.

German Valley Amber
This Gal loves German style beers.  Good balance of malts & hops with a tinge of bitterness and a finishes strong.

Lazy Jake Porter
Winner of the round! Good hearty blend of roasted barley and malts with accents of hops make this a hearty full body porter.

Grist Mill Golden Ale
Very light body with some hints of citrus and hops but overall not whole lot going on. Perfect for someone looking for a real light beer or a good intro to craft beer.

Oktoberfest Style
True German lager – clean and tasty with malts and just a tinge of hops.

Would love to have tried the award winning Nut Brown Ale but sadly it wasn’t on tap. Oh  well, I guess I’ll just have to go back.

Apple Crisp

My companion and I, well really me, decided to wrap up the visit with a splurge and treat ourselves to a sweet ending of Fresh Apple Crisp which paired wonderfully with a full pint of the porter. A perfect ending to beautiful Fall outing.