Lolita for Toasting

LolitaLolita – American Wild Ale – Goose Island Beer Company 9%

Belgium style ale aged in French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

For New Year Eve’s, naturally, I wanted something special for toasting the end of 2014 and ringing in 2015. I perused my beer cellar stock and decided this was the perfect evening for the bottle of Lolita I had been saving.

As the first drop poured into the glass I knew this was the perfect ale for the Eve. It pours a beautiful hue of pink with an aroma of fruit and yeast/muskiness one associates with Belgium ales, as well as, the wonderful Belgium carbonation bubbles.

Overall it’s light in body but big in taste. The tart/sour berry flavor is fresh and  bold combining perfectly with the oakiness of the barrels that provide this ale with a  wine richness that finishes dry.

Wonderfully done and perfect for the Eve!


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