Timmerman’s Pumpkin Lambicus Review

534299_10151621115992601_1031826295_nTimmerman’s Pumpkin Lambicus
Brouwerij Timmermans-John Martin N.V. Belgium (4.0%)

I purchased this lambic back in September knowing I would save it to enjoy with a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.

This lambic surprised me in that it wasn’t like other lambics I was use to. Most have a very strong flavor. I felt the pumpkin flavor of this lambic to be subtle and the overall presence in the mouth to be very light. At first I had it on it’s own and noticed a slight citrusy quality to it along with honey and just a touch of pumpkin pie and spices. It was when I enjoyed it with a slice of pumpkin pie that it came alive. The combination of the pie with the lambic really brought out the pumpkin flavors and spices in the lambic. I enjoyed it much more with the pie than by it’s self.

It pours a pale orange pumpkin color with a bit of a strong head yet the lambic itself is not heavily carbonated. Overall a very pleasant beer for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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